Napoleon Bonaparte is very well known for having been subject to eating quickly. At the end of the year 1808, intense and repeated crisis of gastric pains occured for the first time. Corvisart, his doctor is convinced that the Emperor eats his meals too fast. Napoleon starts to gain weight.

These pains will continue to increase and follow him for the rest of his life. Arthur Chuquet states in the book La Jeunesse de Napoléon, (Volume I, Brienne, 1908) : «He does not do excesses of any kind; he goes to the table as if he regrets it, for fifteen minutes, half and hour or more, he does not drink at all, even if he was strong headed and boasted that one day he emptied four bottles without getting drunk.

Was he not saying that he acquired from his mum this bad behaviour of eating quickly, and his mom was she not saying that she had for habit to never satisfy her appetite? »