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Today I am sharing with you an article on mindful eating. Lisa McCoy in her article Mindful eating can lead to a healthier you delivers simple steps to eat mindfully. She is known as a family and consumer-sciences educator with University of Maryland in Washington.

Her simple steps to eat mindfully

First of all, what is mindless eating ?
Mindless eating is when you are unaware or distracted about what you are consuming ; while watching TV or in front of the computer for instance.
Alternatively, mindfulness is the feeling of controlling your eating and being aware of your thoughts and actions. By adopting a mindful attitude, you feel less stressed and you can truly concentrate on what you are eating.
The first step to adopt is to eat without being distracted meaning with no cellphone or book. Additionally, it is important to sit down, enjoy your food, chew your food in order Fresh fruit juiceto eat slowly. Another simple step is to learn to savor the smells, textures, as it will help you enjoy your food truly.

How can 10SFork helps you?

10SFork helps you to slow down your pace of eating. We all have busy schedules with short time to eat. Eating speed is without doubt a crucial aspect of eating behavior. The process of digestion sending signals to your brain that you had enough food takes 20 minutes; it is called the feeling of satiety. With the fork, you learn to eat mindfully and take time to concentrate on your taste buds and true flavors. You improve your eating behavior and control your eating-rate which is something that is hard to manage yourself.

Overall, asking yourself the good questions such as why you are eating, why you are really hungry clearly defines mindful eating.

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Reference: http://www.heraldmailmedia.com/life/columns/mindful-eating-can-lead-to-a-healthier-you/article_e4b86cd1-95f5-5354-a3d9-db37c079673b.html

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