Interview with Dr Joe Cohen

May 2015

Have you ever encountered baby colic, premature feeding disorders and a real need to share it with your pediatrician? Coming fresh from Austin Texas, there might be something you would like to know about ! Dr Joe is a head start pediatrician, founder of KiddoEMR, which is a pediatric practice management platform that caters to children innately as they grow. We had the chance to meet him at the CES in Las Vegas last January 2014 to discuss about an API that could work between our Baby Journal 3.0 and bluetooth connected feeding system Baby Gigl with kiddoEMR. Back in Paris, Dr Joe visited us in May where we enjoyed a nice extended lunch, during which he was very kind to answer to a quick interview for us.

1. Could you please explain how the idea came to you to create KiddoEMR ?

In the US, there is a major shift to electronic medical records. Unfortunately there is no credible pediatric physician developed solution (that I am aware of), nor is there a credible pediatric solution that fits the way doctors work innately. The EMRs that are available in the US can average over 100,000 USD per doctor per year, and as the cost of operation rises many physicians cannot afford to keep their offices open. We experienced the same thing at Cedar Park Pediatrics and as a result KiddoEMR was born

2. What are your development projects for KiddoEMR ?

We have established partnerships with Advanced Metrics in Maryland USA to help add intelligence to the platform and use the Learning AI and algorithms they bring to the table to make KiddoEMR a smarter platform and to instill efficiency in workflow to the process of caring for pediatrics patients.

3. What is for you the added value of your platform ?

It is an economical yet robust solution that does not require expensive hardware and adds automated workflow processes for pediatricians. With our platform we can take care of EVERY child. After studying the effects of the technology on my practice, we discovered we had lowered the cost of operation by two thirds. These types of savings in healthcare could not be ignored and we brought it to other providers. Dr Joe website: