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Type 2 diabetes is exploding among overweight and obese americans and we sometimes tend to forget type 1 diabetes that can be a much more important disease coming out of nowhere.

Type 1 diabetes is defined as the body attacking its own insulin.
A lot of patients must be cured with insulin all their lives to prevent from high levels of blood sugar glucose that damage the tissues and affect their lives.
Type 1 diabetes can also begin in adulthood even if the majority of the cases are distinguished during childhood and in teenagers.
A lot of adults with type 1 diabetes are compelled to explain the difference with type 2 diabetes as the disease is not something they have caused to themselves as overeating and lacking of exercice.
Nowadays, experts are faced with the difficulty of explaining the rise of type 1 diabetes even if in some cases there is a genetic habitus.

The stress increases the risk of diabetes

Some studies have advanced environmental factors such as enteroviruses that can invade the cells producing insulin in the pancreas and fast infant weight gain.
According to the study of Maria Nygren, a doctoral candidate in epidemiology at the university : “It is the first such study in which data was collected prospectively, eliminating potential distortion because of inaccurate parental recall or stress induced by diagnosis of the disease”.

10,500 healthy children were involved in the study at age 2 pursued during a decade. The result was that a very stressful situation increased by 3 the risk of a child to develop type 1 diabetes at 14 years.
During the follow up period, 58% of the children were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

According to Ludvigsson : « stress-induced insulin resistance was probably the “most important” explanation for the study findings. He added that beta cells may become more sensitive to agents that could disrupt immune function ».

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