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Today I am sharing with you an article on how to develop healthy eating habits. Loosing weight by adopting healthy eating habits is essential. Not only is it important for your organs pancreas, liver but you also reduce the risks of diseases such as diabetes, obesity. Your overall health condition is enhanced and you boost your energy.
Anna Kasinecz, Clinical Dietitian at Danville Regional Medical Center, delivers her tips for healthier eating.

Delicious  portion of  fresh salmon fillet  with aromatic herbs, Her tips for healthier eating

The first point she underlines is to keep it simple which means looking at your diet through colors, freshness and variety.
Take your time by adopting one or two food changes during the week she says; for instance having a salad each night for dinner.
It is also essential not to feel deprived and allow yourself the occasional indulgence. As well, the portions size should not be dismissed. You can use smaller plates when you’re at home for instance. Brian Wansink, a reputed professor in nutrition confirms in his studies and in his book Mindless eating why we eat more than we think, how the color of the plate affects how much you eat.
Savoring every bite by chewing thoroughly and focusing on your food by sitting at a table should as well be considered among the steps to follow.
Eat slowly as your brain takes 20 minutes to feel full referring to the feeling of satiety.
Finally, it is better to prepare and eat your own food to know what you’re consuming.

Slow Control and the 10SFork

10SFork helps you to slow down your pace of eating. Eating speed is without doubt a crucial aspect of eating behavior.
Energy expenditure related to the act of eating is about 10 to 15% of your total expenditure over 24 hours. Eating slowly with 10SFork facilitates digestion and makes you gain in tonus by acting directly on the drowsiness.
Eating fast also raises the glycated hemoglobin.Therefore, you smooth the absorption peaks of carbohydrates and you take care of your liver, pancreas and digestive tract.

If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I encourage you to read the medical studies on our website:click here

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