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Do you eat too fast? The vibrating fork that punishes immediately !



Netherlands article […]

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Research confirms its concern to study the impact of eating fast

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Higher risk of overweight for fast eaters

Access to all the infographics on

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Eat slowly to save on energy



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Interview with Dr Joe Cohen

Interview with Dr Joe Cohen

May 2015

Have you […]

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How to handle picky eaters ?

Hello to all,

I am glad to present you today this article from Zero […]

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Find all the information about eating slowly on our website

You […]

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XVIIIth century and Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is very well known for having been subject to eating quickly. […]

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XIXth century and Horace Fletcher

Horace Fletcher known as «the great masticator» invented in the early 20th century […]

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XXth century and celebrities

Celebrities that recommend to eat slowly :

The actress Cameron Diaz in her […]

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